The Speaker:
The first who celebrated the Celebration pure was, as it's proven, Epicure who placed joy and festivity at the centre of human life. This produces the love of joy which Empedocles had already known and which was the only social common sense that he accepted. There is no greater good on earth than to be the friend of all celebrations. Society, Nation or Organisations were unstable territory for him. Such things the much revered Master taught in his garden. The students sat all around, that was called Symposium.

There, with women, song and wine and the sound of many well filled glasses the teaching was turned to deed by making sure to enjoy the celebration. I say it to everybody here in the theatre: The why we celebrate is not important, already since the Romans and the Greeks the wine was poured out in rivers.

For that I shout three times "Hellau", "Hellau", "Hellau"

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